While you may hail for taxis through our Android or iOS app, Micab is first and foremost a people company: We succeed on the strength of our people and how well we prepare them to serve our passengers. Our front-line staff in achieving this goal are, of course, our drivers. They form the heart of the Micab experience and what we hope to achieve with “Taxi 2.0”: We want customers to take cabs not just to get from one place to the other, but to enjoy a genuinely relaxing and comfortable user experience.

Micab has measures in place to develop our drivers, such as a rigorous training program that all drivers must undergo as well as the feedback mechanism on the app itself that allows users to tell us what your driver did well, and more importantly, what he can stand to improve. These measures, while effective, can only do so much. For Taxi 2.0 to become a reality, we need drivers to change the way they think, and so we adopted an oath. Other professions, like doctors, have oaths, and these commit practitioners to a certain line of conduct. Ours does, too, and it’s fittingly available in English, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilonggo, which we will distribute to each via a small laminated leaflet, so they have it with them at all times.

Here is the English oath in full:

I, (name), vows to uphold the driver’s code.

I will always accept every booking, no matter the distance

I will smile and greet every passenger who enters my cab

I will assist my passengers in loading and unloading their baggages.

I will always drive from point A to B and C and D if the passenger requires me to do so.

I will be respectful to all my passengers regardless of age, status and sex.

I will never be rude and argue with my passenger.

I will charge my passenger based on what is in the fare meter

I will always keep my cab clean, especially myself.

I will drive safely and defensively to ensure that my passengers arrive to their destinations safe and sound.

I will always project happiness and optimism.

I will ensure that the passengers have an extra-ordinary riding experience.

I will never forget or allow my fellow driver’s forget that we are Micab drivers!

There are three key facts you must know about the Micab oath:

The Micab oath produces results. Even if most Filipinos may associate professional oaths with a more traditional profession like doctors, we have approached it with the attitude of a tech company. We wanted to see whether it produces results, and so far it has. The drivers who have taken the oath since its inception get much better ratings when they begin driving, in comparison to drivers who never took the oath.

The Micab oath is a living document. The version of the oath you find above went through at least ten major revisions, and even then, we fully expect it to evolve over time. Lines will be added and others will be removed, depending on what we find produces the best and most capable drivers. Like the Micab product itself, we will always strive to improve the Micab oath as a reflection of our values and a guide of our actions.

The Micab oath is an official part of training. Our comprehensive training program culminates with all drivers swearing to either the English or the Tagalog oath. And we do not let them blindly recite the words – we make sure they understand each and every phrase of the oath they are committing to. Some may wonder why we have given cab drivers the same kind of oath that doctors have, and you just have to remember: Both are in charge of your health and well-being, and should be held to the highest standards of professionals with this responsibility.