Micab – Premium + Affordable

Micab offers a premium ride experience at an affordable price. Heavy traffic? Peak hours? Don't worry about the surge and choose the #SaferBetterRide.

Posted by Micab on Friday, 3 November 2017

-No surge. Other ride-hailing services charge extra when you and other passengers urgently need transportation. Micab has never adopted demand pricing, and never will. The fare you would pay during the dead of night would be the same you pay during your city’s busiest rush hour. 

Micab – Ahead of the Game

Alarm didn't go off? Got stuck in traffic? Don't miss out on the opportunities.Let Micab help you land the next one. #SaferBetterRide

Posted by Micab on Friday, 1 December 2017

-No promotions. Why would no promotions be a good thing? For starters, you never have to try to remember complicated promotion codes or cut out coupons from magazines. With Micab, there’s simply no need for promotions: We don’t charge you any additional fee for hailing a taxi through us. Yes, you heard right: Micab has no booking fee. The fare you see on the meter is the fare you pay the driver.

Micab – Safe + Reliable

Taxis are infamous for taking longer routes so they could charge passengers more.With Micab, that's now a thing of the past. Micab lets you track your ride and makes sure that the driver is taking the most efficient and shortest path – all while displaying the fare estimate.Download Micab – the #SaferBetterRide!

Posted by Micab on Tuesday, 7 November 2017

-Efficient transportation. Some cab drivers get a bad rap for taking a longer route in an attempt to artificially increase the fare. With Micab, you will never have to worry about this concern. Our app displays the quickest route from your pick-up point to your destination, and you can view your driver’s progress in real-time.

Micab – The #SaferBetterRide

Getting a cab is now hassle-free with Micab – the #SaferBetterRide! Download the free app here: micab.co/download

Posted by Micab on Sunday, 8 October 2017

-A hassle-free experience. Standing out in the street and waving your arm at every other passing taxi is a thing of the past with Micab. After downloading the app, you simply input your destination and location, then sit back and wait for a taxi to come to you.

Micab – Best Navigators

Connectivity issues? Can't the driver seem to figure out your destination?Well, Micab has partnered with KEN Taxi – Cebu's premier taxi company that boasts years of experience and expertise going around the Metro, an assurance that you'll never get lost!Download Micab now!

Posted by Micab on Sunday, 10 December 2017

-Master the ins and outs of the city. Even Waze cannot tell you which streets to avoid during bad weather conditions like a flood, but cab drivers can. In fact, cab drivers, such as London’s black car drivers, are known for having encyclopedia knowledge of their city, including an infinite number of routes and short-cuts. If you want to get their fast, you can count on a Micab driver to help you do so.

Micab – Congestion

Traffic in Cebu is heavier than ever with more than half a million vehicles plying its streets. Help reduce congestion – don't buy a car, hail a cab.With Micab, hailing is as easy as 1-2-3! Download the free app now! 📲 micab.co/download#SaferBetterRide

Posted by Micab on Monday, 8 January 2018

-Do your part. Most of our country’s urban areas are clogged with cars, which contributes not only to traffic but to pollution. Taking a taxi through Micab – which is still a form of public transportation, don’t forget! – optimizes the use of vehicles that are already on the road. So you can not only get to your destination safely and conveniently, but feel good in doing so, knowing that you did your part for the Philippines.

To download Micab, iOS users should visit the App store and Android users should visit the Play store.