The Micab family in Cebu, after doing a Christmas-break hike.


The main vision of Micab is to improve the taxi passengers’ experience by providing a better transport in terms of convenience, efficiency and safety. Achieving this goal of transforming the Philippine taxi industry is only possible if Micab as a company has the right mix of values in place.  Our values are designed not only to provide a better app and a better ride to the Filipino commuters, but we do hope that we also has impact on the lives of our employees.

As a young company, Micab is currently developing a culture where people perform their daily activities with the four (4) basic values in mind. We simply remember these values using the acronym C-A-R-S.

  • C – Continuous Improvement
  • A – Accountability
  • R – Reliability
  • S – Solution-Oriented

We believe that our success as a company relies in the embodiment of these values, and in our understanding on how each value relate with the other.

  • Continuous improvement –  In Micab, we will never get tired of discussing things that we can possibly improve. We are never complacent with our accomplishments because we know we can still do better. Everyday is a chance to improve something, or learn something. We believe that our business will grow because our people are growing. We are a culture where learning is encouraged. Our employees are expected to improve themselves in their area of responsibilities.
  • Accountability – We believe in a culture where people take ownership of their work. It is the responsibility of each employee to plan their commitments and follow through. We preempt possible issues, and does not blame others when we fall short of expectations. We accept that we have something to improve, and take it as a challenge to move forward.
  • Reliability – Our accountability expands beyond our individual responsibilities. We believe in supporting each other, and as a team we can do more in improving the business possibilities of Micab. There may be times that we disagree, but we do keep in mind that each of us has the best interest for the company.  We consider one another reliable, and we depend on each other’s strengths, knowing that each team member has his or her own unique talents and skills.
  • Solution-oriented – We don’t see obstacles as problems, but a venue for us to hone our creativity. We will not be afraid to voice out our suggestions to improve our product and our services. We will give constructive feedback to our peers without prejudice. We will find solutions even to the mundane issues in our daily operation. There may be times that we are constrained to solve an issue right away, but we will try to introduce small doable solutions continuously.

We believe that the Micab values are its driving force that makes it different from other companies. As a new company, we strive to uphold these values in our day-to-day activities. If you want to experience the Micab culture, we would like to invite you to join the team by sending a cover letter and resume to [email protected] – together, we can go anywhere.